Project Unxiety

Brand Name | Logo | Logo animation

Project Unxiety, a personal project with my friend was going to be a website / service aiming to help people with their anxiety.


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Lucent Learning

Brand Name | Logo | Business Card

The client needed help with conceptualizing the name of her business, logo and business card.

She is very passionate about bringing out the best in the kids she works with.

To quote her, “I help them become well educated, make profoundly good choices, and design success into their lives.”


I came up with the name “Lucent Learning” to impart her values of learning as enlightenment.


Janet wanted green or sage which I used for the text. I designed the logo symbol featuring an illuminated mind, as part of a light bulb – the classic symbol for ideas and of course, light.

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A testimonial

from janet

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Social Media Posts

GoxVegan was a local vegan restaurant. Here are some social media posts for their instagram.

Traditional Yoga Society

Social Media Post Templates

The first row is a carousel post for TYS'

recurring Sunday events

To the right are 2 more cover options for them so they could alternate every Sunday

This two page carousel are also templates for their Kirtan events

This is a 4 page carousel designed to complete the background image

for when they re-post on Facebook


Instagram reels

Friendly reminder

I’ve poured my heart into these designs, please don’t grab images and claim as your own.

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