Riprap Friends Branding

Riprap Friends Branding

Riprap Friends is an org that  facilitates in-home therapeutic social support services to pediatric oncology patients.

The handwritten font adds a friendly and approachable feel to the logo. The stack of rocks forming the “i” represents the structural element of a riprap on the shore and symbolizes the strong foundation the organization stands for. The heart is representative of those children held up by the elements of the Riprap Friends foundation, the rocks we put in place. The “R” and the rocks are leaning toward each other emphasizing the support that Riprap Friends provides their clients.

I’ve also designed their website, see it in action here.

Designed during my stay at Swish Design

Friendly reminder: I’ve poured my heart into these designs, please don’t grab images and claim as your own.

  • Client: Swish Design
  • Service: Logo, Web Design