Reef Nomads Slide Presentation

Reef Nomads Slide Presentation

These are re-designed slides I did for Reef Nomads.

These are used during the lecture part before the pool sessions.

I’ve always loved the water, swimming and snorkelling as a kid. Attending Reef Nomads events last year gave me a much deeper respect and appreciation for the ocean and all the life it supports. 🌎

Reef Nomads teaches skin diving (recreational freediving) safely and responsibly, with an intro to the marine life one might encounter in the Philippine seas. Joining an event also means you get to support Batang VIP, their non-profit arm that focuses on programs for the folks & kids of Isla Verde. They’re a lovely bunch of inspiring souls who I’m so happy to have met.💙

**Placeholder texts on the slides cause you’ll have to attend a pool session to know more 😉

Go sea their Instagram:
➡️ @reefnomads
➡️ @batangvip

Friendly reminder: I’ve poured my heart into these designs, please don’t grab images and claim as your own.

  • Client: Reef Nomads
  • Service: Presentation Slides, Layout