Change by Dawn Website Design

Change by Dawn Website Design

Dawn is a Health and Lifestyle coach who wanted a dynamic looking website, expressing liveliness.

To achieve this, vibrant colors were used. Section of the home page had different colors and a creative element that would overlap the next section as you scroll down so that it would still feel cohesive.

Circular elements were inspired by the logo. Colors from the logo and accent colors were chosen to complement the look. Design elements create an interesting feel while scrolling, leading towards the call to action section.

– All layouts were done by me, project was overseen by our creative director
– Design elements on home page
– Heading text on home page

Designed during my stay at Swish Design

Friendly reminder: I’ve poured my heart into these designs, please don’t grab images and claim as your own.

  • Client: Swish Design
  • Service: Web Design